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 B011803 Corcoran, S. A fragment of a tetrarchic constitution from Crete. ZPE 133 2000 251-255
 B013898 Corcoran, S. Galerius's jigsaw puzzle. The Caesarian Dossier. (Mit franz√∂sischer Zusammenfassung) AntTard 15 2007 221-250
 B013899 Corcoran, S. A Tetrarchic inscription from Corcyra and the Edictum de accusationibus. ZPE 141 2002 221-230
 B015168 Corcoran, S. - Salway, B. - Salway, P. Moritix Londiniensium. A recent epigraphic find in London. BesNews 8 2002 10-13