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 B007136 Covacef, Z. Contributii privind cultul lui Hercule în Scythia Minor. Pontica 8 1975 399-428
 B010910 Covacef, Z. Cohors I Germanorum à Capidava. In: H. Ciugudean - V. Moga (Hrsg.), Army and urban development in the Danubian provinces of the Roman Empire. Proceedings of the International Symposium, Alba Iulia 1999. 2000 285-291
 B014312 Bărbulescu, M. - Buzoianu, L. - Covacef, Z. Milestones from Dobruja in the connections of the Museum of National History and Archeology Constanţa. Pontica 41 2008 169-187