external contributors

With the desire to stimulate cooperation between the Epigraphic Database Heidelberg (EDH) and other international epigraphic research institutions in mind, it has been possible since September 2003 to enter data concerning inscriptions into EDH online from anywhere in the world, i.e. in places other than the Heidelberg Research Institute.

So far cooperation has been and is being carried out by research team members

In accordance with this division of labour the processing of these inscription by external contributors based to a large extent on the locality:

Latin Inscriptions of Catalonia
Greek Inscriptions from the Imperial Period
Genua / Turin
Latin Inscriptions from Alpes Cottiae, Graiae, Poeninae and Marittimae
Latin Inscriptions from Carinthia
Latin Inscriptions from Slovenia
Latin Inscriptions from Tripolitania
Latin Inscriptions from Germany
Latin Inscriptions from Lepcis Magna and Sabratha
Latin Inscriptions from Epirus
Latin Inscriptions from Noricum (except for Carinthia) and the Austrian part of Pannonia Superior

In this way inscriptions of these areas, which had not been accessible in EDH, have been made available for the user. Furthermore such inscriptions, which had already been part of EDH and were accessible in a provisional form, were able to be improved in the best possible way by making use of knowledge that is easiest and best to gather locally.