Content - Inscriptions

The Epigraphic Text Database alongside the Photographic Database, the Geographic Database and the Bibliographic Database is most complex constituent part of EDH.

A guiding principle from the very beginning was not to accept readings from the publications without checking them. As much as possible these readings were verified at least on the basis of drawings, sqeezes or photographs or ideally through autopsy.

The evidence used for verifying the readings are indicated in the „work status" field; provisionally finished inscriptions (e.g. from regions, which are not the focus of systematic entry into EDH) are thus also easy to recognise as such for the user.

During the diverse phases of development in the project the work upon and entry of the inscriptions followed different emphases. To begin with it focused very heavily upon bibliographical criteria (according to L'Année Épigraphique ). Since the year 2005 geographical principals (according to Roman provinces) provided the focal point.

Fully entered in this fashion were the Inscriptions of the following Provinces, whereby publications cited in L'Année Épigraphique were just as much as basis as were the local corpora and the regional journals:

In addition to these the Inscriptions of the following Corpora and Inscription series, which cover regions outwith the above mentioned provinces, are fully entered:

CIL II2 5, CIL II2 7, CIL II2 14,1, CIL VI 8,2, CIL VI 8,3, CIL XVII 4